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Program Highlights for year 2012

2012 Research Experience for Undergraduates Summer Program

Utah MRSEC sponsored 10 undergrads to work with faculty and graduate student mentors in their labs for a 9-week research program. Research opportunities for Utah MRSEC REU students are of an interdisciplinary focus on topics such as plasmonic metamaterials, and spin effects in organic LEDs & solar cells.

Periciliary Brush Keeps Lungs Healthy

Mucus clearance is the primary defense mechanism that protects airways from inhaled infectious and toxic agents. In the current Gel-on-Liquid mucus clearance model mucus gel is propelled on top of a “watery” periciliary layer surrounding the cilia. However, this model fails to explain the formation of distinct mucus layer in health or

Summer School on “Polymers in Soft and Biological Matter"

Founded by physical chemists like Flory and brought into the mainstream of theoretical physics by visionaries like de Gennes, over the last eighty years polymer physics has grown into a mature, rich, and exciting discipline.

Binary Colloidal Structures Assembled through Ising Interactions

Assembling microscopic particles into macroscopic structures can open new pathways for producing complex materials that cannot be produced by lithographic methods. Although several methods for assembling colloidal particles exist, including controlled drying, ionic interactions, and dipolar interactions, a general pathway for

Moving and Rotating Particles with Low Light Levels

LCMRC researchers have developed a method for manipulating particles by light without touching them by using liquid crystals as a light-controlled host fluid.

Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal-Based Pico-Projectors

Center researchers are collaborating with spin-off Displaytech (now part of Micron Technologies) to develop ferroelectric liquid crystal (FLC) materials for application in picoprojectors.  The high-quality time sequential color and high brightness enabled by FLC switching speed, and high fill fact