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Program Highlights for year 2012

Multiblock Polymers: Panacea or Pandora’s Box

Advances in polymer synthesis have enabled access to a vast array of multiblock polymer architectures, with rich opportunities for designing multiple functionalities into a single self-assembled material.

FRG-2 – Using Weakly Spin-Coupled Polaron Pair States for a Calibration Free Absolute Magnetometry

Objective: A precise absolute magnetometer based on organic spintronics that is scalable to micron dimensions, has low cost and that is not adversely affected by environmental influences (temperature, air etc.).

Liquid Metal-Based Plasmonics

Objective: To develop and characterize new plasmonic metamaterials in the terahertz (THz) spectral range.

Approach: Explore unconventional materials that are typically not suitable for plasmonics applications at optical frequencies but exhibit reasonable conductivities at THz frequencies.

Seed Project: The Dynamics of Organic Magneto-resistance (OMAR)

Objective: To study the dynamics of magneto-resistance in organic diodes

Approach: Measure electronic transport and magneto-transport of organic diodes as a function of frequency with an applied magnetic field using admittance spectroscopy



MRSEC outreach activities coordinate with Utah Core Curriculum Standards. These sixth-graders are studying the properties of light in their classroom.

The Adelante program seeks to increase the expectation of university attendance and success among Hispanic students at Jackson Elementary.