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Program Highlights for year 2007

Closing the Loop on Recycling: Can We Stop the oil-to-Landfill Treadmill?

Poly(ethylene terephthalate) (PET), a widely used engineering thermoplastic for carpet, clothing (fibers), tire cords, soda bottles and other containers, film, automotive, electronics, displays etc., will contribute several billion pounds of waste to landfills this year alone! According to the American Plastics Council, PET packaging was originally used for soft d

Polymer Surface Viscoelasticity Affects Organic Thin-Film Transistor Performance

Thin polymer films exhibit glass transition temperatures (Tgs) that are depressed from the bulk material Tg because of increased degrees of chain motion.

Brownian Motion of an Ellipsoid

Brownian motion, the tiny random movements of small objects suspended in a fluid, has served as a paradigm for concepts of ra

A new way to keep bacteria at bay

Penicillin, long used in medications, is now being studied as a coating, a novel weapon against bacteria that could protect medical implants and the surgical tools used to insert them.