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Program Highlights for year 2012

MRSEC Takes the Lead in Coaching the Coaches in Materials Science Event

Utah MRSEC provided staff and faculty support for a Science Olympiad coaches’ clinic in November 2012, to help science teachers prepare to coach teams.


Hidden Roto Symmetries in Nature Discovered

MRSEC researchers have discovered a missing spatial operation in nature called rotation-reversal symmetry that reverses the sense of all static rotations in a crystal.  Certain minerals, organic crystals or metamaterials are composed of subunits that can exist in two states: clockwise or counter-clockwise rotated.  The symmetry of a crystal lattice helps determine the material’s proper

Nanoscale Rockets Powered by Ultrasound

MRSEC researchers working in an international collaboration with French scientists at ESPCI (Paris Tech) have discovered that rocket-shaped metallic micro-rods can be propelled through fluids using ultrasound, with fast translation towards the tapered end and rapid rotation & assembly of rods into circular chains that move like conveyer belts.  Since most ways to make micro-objects move auto

Photochemically Mapping the Near-Fields of Plasmonic Nanocrescents

Objective: Use plasmon-enhanced photochemical reactions to map the polarization-dependent near fields of optical antennas. Approach: Use the anisotropic nano-crescent structure and SU-8 photo-resist. SU-8 exposure accomplished through plasmon-enhanced multi-photon absorption by 800 nm light. 

Tracking the Movement of Dopants in an Analog Memristor Using X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy

Jordan Greenlee, James Compagnoni, Cole Petersburg, Faisal Alamgir, W. Alan Doolittle

International Programs Grow

Edward H. Conrad and Claire Berger

School of Physics, Georgia Institute of Technology

Fibroblast Cell Adhesion on Dynamic Microgel Substrates

Hiroaki Yoshida, Jeffrey Gaulding, Apoorva Kalasuramath, Andrés J. García, L. Andrew Lyon School of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Petit Institute for Bioengineering and Bioscience, Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

An Electron's Life on the Edge

David B. Torrance, Baiqan Zhang, Tien Hoang and Phillip N. First School of Physics, Georgia Tech

Epitaxial Graphene’s Edge

Ming Ruan, Yike Hu, James Palmer, Tom Guo, John Hankinson, Rui Dong, Claire Berger, Walt de Heer School of Physics, Georgia Tech