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Program Highlights for year 2010

Pleats on Crystals on Curved Surfaces

Electrically charged polymer colloids attracted to the surface of water droplets of different shapes crystallize on their curved surfaces.

Multimaterial acoustic fibers

Following up on their recent creation of light-sensitive fibers, Professors Yoel Fink and Joannopoulos and their research teams have developed fibers that can detect ("hear") and produce sound ("sing").

Lateral Organic Devices

Background: Most organic devices, from organic light emitting diodes to organic spintronic devices vertical devices, where the essential interfaces are buried and thus not subject to investigation. 

Theory of Chiral Smectic A Twisted Ribbons

1 The Martin Fisher School of Physics, Brandeis University 2 Department of Physics, Brown University

The MRSEC Microfluidics


During the academic year, Fall09 - Spring10, Dr. Kim, the facility director ,designed, built and tested devices for a number of MRSEC and outside users.

Active Emulsion droplet arrays

Stabilized emulsions containing the oscillating Belousov - Zhabotinsky chemical reaction (BZ) show interesting dynamics. Each drop acts as an independent chemical clock. However, they chemically communicate and exhibit collective behavior. In (a) six BZ drops are contained in a  capillary tube. The  white bars

How the weak becomes strong: spider silk reveals a paradox of super-strength

Since its development in China thousands of years ago, silk from silkworms, spiders and other insects has been used for high-end, luxury fabrics as well as for parachutes and medical sutures. Now, MRSEC