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Program Highlights for year 2010

Auger Recombination in Quantum Dot Materials

Auger recombination is an important mechanism that can limit the performance of solar cells.

Enhanced Exciton Diffusion using Phosphor Sensitization

Graduate student Wade Luhman has demonstrated a route to enhance the short exciton diffusion length (LD) of organic semiconductors by combining fluorescent and phosphorescent materials into a single electron donating thin film.

Probing the Spin Polarization of Sulfide-based Spintronic Materials

Highly spin-polarized magnets have the potential to radically improve the performance of many spintronic devices.

Mechanism of Molecular Exchange in Block Polymer Micelles

Using small-angle neutron scattering, we investigated the mechanism of molecular exchange in spherical micelles formed by diblock copolymers in an organic solvent.