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Spin Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED)

Objective: Develop and characterize OLEDs based on spin-aligned carrier injection of which electro-luminescence (EL) is controlled by magnetic field.

Approach: Use ferromagnetic cathode and anode that work as bipolar spin- valve injecting both electrons and holes into a deuterated π-conjugated polymer.

Results and Significance: Successful spin-OLEDs were demonstrated having orange EL that is manipulated by magnetic field. The novel spin-OLED may double the EL intensity of regular OLED, and also control the device color.


Photograph of a working spin-OLED placed between the two poles of an electro-magnet.



Photograph schematic of a spin-OLED comprised of LSMO and Co ferromagnet electrodes that inject spin-aligned electrons and holed into a deuterated polymer (DOO-PPV).