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Program Highlights

Fast Drying Produces Order

A collaboration of experimentalists and theorists at the Chicago MRSEC has discovered a new, general route for creating nanoparticle monolayers that retain order across millions of particles, without holes, while staying compact over macroscopic distances[1].

Granular Jets

When a marble or ball-bearing is dropped onto a bed of fine, loose sand, one first observes a broad splash of sand at impact. Then, a tall jet of granular material shoots up vertically.

Physics Today for a Brighter Tomorrow

In March, a group of physicists from the Chicago MRSEC visited Washington DC to talk about science to Congressional Representatives, their staff, and others. The message: basic research is vital to America's economy and our childrens' futures.

Multi-Assays of Cellular Kinase Activities

Working collaboratively, research groups at the Chicago MRSEC have developed new label-free analytical systems that utilize ultra-small sample sizes of cellular lysate, yet allow these single samples to be assayed for multiple kinase activities.

X-ray Vision for Materials

R.M. Suter /CMU MRSEC, Carnegie Mellon University, NSF DMR- 0520425

Molecular Charge Storage Materials - IRG2

Jia Sun, Brad Payne, Greg Szulczewski, and Silas Blackstock (February, 2006)

Label-Free Bioanalytical Detection Using Membrane-Coated Silica Nanoparticles

Michael M. Baksh, Esther M. Winter, Nathan G. Clack and Jay T. Groves: University of California, Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Center for Materials for Information Technology Game Museum

Center for Materials for Information Technology at University of Alabama have recently gone live with 5 computer games targeted at middle school students. The games are designed to teach them about the periodic table and one is designed to teach about rock classifications.

Greener Q-Dots: Doped Nanocrystals

Demonstrates a new class of Quantum Dots that are not toxic but fluoresce throughout the visible by varying the dopant.