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Program Highlights for year 2008

Electromagnons in Multiferroics

The coupling of the magnetic and ferroelectric order in multiferroics produces new excitations of mixed magnetic (magnons) and lattice (phonons) character ; electro-magnons.

Giant Magneto-Elastic Coupling in hexagonal Y(Lu)MnO3

Multiferroic Y(Lu)MnO3 undergoes an isostructural transition at the magnetic Neel transition, producing giant atomic displacement for every atom in the unit cell.

Coaxial Nanostructures for Energy Storage

Electrochemical oxidation of aluminum produces very regular arrays of nanopores. UMD-MRSEC researchers are mastering (1) nanopore synthesis and (2) deposition of coaxial multilayers of ultrathin films into the nanopores to create a new generation of devices for storing electrical energy that function as supercapacitors and batteries.

Electrons in Graphene can Travel 100 Times Faster than in Silicon

Mobility measures how fast electrons travel in a material when an electric field (i.e.

Electronic Device Applications for Narrow Gap Semiconductors

Semiconductors with narrow energy gaps have electronic properties, including a high mobility and strong spin-orbit coupling, that are advantageous for electronic device applications. The switching speed of a field-effect transistor and the sensitivity of a geometrical magnetoresistor are improved by a high carrier mobility.

SeeS: Sooner Elementary Science and Engineering Club & Science Zone 2008

"I never knew I was so good in science. I'm going to be a research scientist when I grow up!"

The CRISP teaching molecular beam epitaxy (MBE)

CRISP, the Yale MRSEC, has constructed a safe, user-friendly, oxide molecular beam epitaxy facility that is simple enough for effective use by undergraduates, yet capable of preparing research-grade samples

Growth of epitaxial oxides on silicon(100): the role of strontium

Understanding the locations of atoms as they are deposited on a surface is critical for growing interfaces of electronic device quality.