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Program Highlights for year 2008

Electrons in Graphene can Travel 100 Times Faster than in Silicon

Mobility measures how fast electrons travel in a material when an electric field (i.e.

Electronic Device Applications for Narrow Gap Semiconductors

Semiconductors with narrow energy gaps have electronic properties, including a high mobility and strong spin-orbit coupling, that are advantageous for electronic device applications. The switching speed of a field-effect transistor and the sensitivity of a geometrical magnetoresistor are improved by a high carrier mobility.

SeeS: Sooner Elementary Science and Engineering Club & Science Zone 2008

"I never knew I was so good in science. I'm going to be a research scientist when I grow up!"

The CRISP teaching molecular beam epitaxy (MBE)

CRISP, the Yale MRSEC, has constructed a safe, user-friendly, oxide molecular beam epitaxy facility that is simple enough for effective use by undergraduates, yet capable of preparing research-grade samples

Growth of epitaxial oxides on silicon(100): the role of strontium

Understanding the locations of atoms as they are deposited on a surface is critical for growing interfaces of electronic device quality.


Nanotechnology Undergraduate Education- using Nanoscience Instrumentation for Quality Undergraduate Education

Molecular Biomimetics

Molecular Biomimetics is an emerging multidisciplinary research area in which genetically selected and designed inorganic-binding peptides are utilized as building blocks, i.e., molecular synthesizers, erectors, and assemblers, in forming functional nanomaterials for implementation in technology and medicine.