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Program Highlights for year 2008

Plasmonic Properties of Aluminum Nanoparticles Fabricated by Nanosphere Lithography

A plasmon is the result of light interacting with the surface electrons in materials that meet specific dielectric requirements.

Detection of Single Gold Atoms in Silicon Nanowires

Semiconductor nanowires grown with metal nanocatalysts are new materials that provide a basis for transformative improvements in diverse technologies including thermoelectrics and photovoltaics.

Chip Breakthrough Technology

A collaboration between researcher supported by the DOE and NSF-MRSEC's at UC Santa Barbara and UMASS Amherst, and IBM has led to a revolutionary chip breakthrough that pr

Squid Beaks use Novel Materials Trick to keep from Tearing Off

Researchers have figured out how a jumbo squid's hard, razor-sharp beak can slice through the soft tissue of its prey--without tearing off from the stress.

Traveling Display Booth for Promotion of the Materials Research Facilities Network

For the first time, a traveling exhibit promoting the MRSEC program and the Materials Research Facilities Network was presented at the 2008 NOBCChE (National Organization of Chemists and Chemical Engineers) meeting in Philadelphia.

Self-Assembled Nanocrystal Membranes

Close-packed nanocrystal monolayers can be self-assembled by simple drop casting into ultra-thin free-standing membranes.

Generating well-defined gradients of adhesion molecules for the attachment of cells

The Ismagilov and Mrksich groups at the University of Chicago MRSEC have recently established that a microfluidic system utilized in conjunction with surface immobilization chemistries can be used to pattern surfaces with well-defined gradients of adhesion molecules for the attachment of cells.

Materials Research Outreach Program (MROP)

The annual 3-day program is held in late January to showcase the materials research capabilities of UCSB.