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Program Highlights for year 2011

Mesoscopically Helical Order in Chiral Block Copolymers

Supermolecular, helical assemblies are a common structural motif

K-12 Outreach

The Renewable Energy MRSEC and the Adams and Meeker County Public Schools are collaborating on several partnership programs, the Bechtel K-5 Educational Excellence Initiative, the NSF funded GK-12 Learning Partnership, and the ExxonMobil Meeker Partnership.

Storing Hydrogen in Novel Clathrate Materials

Clathrate materials present a novel class of storage media for hydrogen. These unusual crystalline solids are comprised of a lattice of polyhedral cavities that can trap a range of different guest molecules, including hydrogen.

Novel thin flexible hybrid inorganic/polymer films

We have demonstrated the first ever hybrid polymer film of an insoluble polymer with an acid (top picture).  

Printed, Flexible Carbon Nanotube Digital Circuits

Graduate student Mingjing Ha working with Optomec, Inc. and Northwestern University collaborators (Mark Hersam) has demonstrated low voltage, fast carbon nanotube (CNT) circuits printed on flexible plastic substrates. The circuits are fabricated by aerosol jet printing from a liquid dielectric ink (ion gel) and a purified semiconducting CNT ink (Northwestern).

ZnO Nanowires for DNA Electrophoresis

Our team has developed a simple solution-based method to fabricate arrays of ZnO nanowires inside of a glass microchannel. 

Discovery of a Frank-Kasper σ Phase in Sphere-Forming Block Copolymer Melts

Ordering of spherical particles represents a fundamental topic in materials science and engineering ranging from the sub-nanometer scale packing of atoms in simple crystals to micron sized assemblies of colloids.