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Program Highlights for year 2011

NEW.MECH New England workshop on the Mechanics of Materials and Structure

The New England Workshop on the Mechanics of Materials and Structures, NEW.Mech, was  held at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA on September 25th, 2010. NEW.Mech was a one-day workshop that brought together the New England Mechanics community with an interest in exploring new directions on the Mechanics of Soft

Softer-than-Skin Electronics, Sensors, and Adaptive Materials

Soft robotics, wearable computing, and mechanically adaptive structures will lead to revolutionary tools for exploration, disaster relief, personal electronics, and assistive medicine. Progress demands innovative solutions to current challenges: electronic skin for tactile sensing, and soft, hyperelastic circuits for stretchable computing.

Ionic liquids as media for bioconjugation

Water soluble polymers, once reserved for commodity applications (i.e., shaving cream, emulsification processes, etc.) have emerged as valuable materials for medicine.  Combining synthetic polymers with therapeutic proteins and cancer drugs improves the “therapeutic index” of the drugs, preventing their fast