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High School Student Research Internships at the Johns Hopkins

Background: The JHU MRSEC conducts extensive K-12 educational
outreach programs aimed at promoting interest in and awareness of the
importance of modern materials research. High school students from the
greater Baltimore area receive four-week internships each July to
conduct research in the laboratories of the JHU MRSEC. The students are
mentored by Center faculty, and also work closely with graduate students
and/or postdoctoral fellows.  At the end of the month, each student
gives a 20-minute talk describing his/her project at a symposium
attended by MRSEC researchers, friends and family, and teachers from the
students’ schools.

    2010 High School Student Research Projects
• Microrheological Study of Protein-Layer Stability in the Presence of Surfactants
• Utilizing PPA-g-PEG DNA Micelles for Gene Delivery
• Behavior of Endothelial Cells on Modified Collagen Gels
• Microwells
• Surfactant Mediated Growth in Electrodeposited Thin Films
• Characterization of PBRS PCBM Blends for Organic Electronics