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A New Liquid-Based Technology for Scalable Fabrication of Polymer Nanofibers

support has enabled the team to introduce a novel method
for formation of a broad range of polymer nanofibers and nanomaterials. The patented technique, illustrated in the Figure (left), is based on shearing of polymer solution
inside viscous medium.
It is extremely simple, efficient and readily scalable and can be
applied to the fabrication of nanofibers from most types of commercial and special use
polymers.  The team has scaled up
the process to a continuous production of polymer nanofibers at
rates of kgs/hour
and has began their commercial fabrication in the startup company Xanofi. The
new nanomanufacturing
process capable of fabricating such large volumes of inexpensive nanofibers
could have a disruptive impact
in a
number of high technologies, including biomedical scaffolding,
engineering, materials for batteries and ultra-efficient air
and water filtration.