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Lens of the Market Research2Innovation Workshop

October 2014, RT-MRSEC co-sponsored a “Research2Innovation”
one-day workshop at Duke University, as part of Lens
of the Market,
a three-stage training program to provide scientists and
engineers with the full range of knowledge required for
successful translation of their research into commercial ventures.

Research2Innovation workshop offered teams of RT-MRSEC graduate
students and post-docs a rapid introduction to the vocabulary, skills, tools, and road map
needed to successfully translate their research into
innovations. At the end of the workshop, participants were divided into four
teams, two for IRG1
and two for IRG2, to discuss goals for the RT-MRSEC and resources that could be
used to achieve those goals. For example, one team focused on
developing and characterizing colloidal assembly strategies for stimuli
responsive materials that can be translated to the soft matter industry.

participants found this experience to be an invaluable introduction to the concrete
steps that can be taken to translate fundamental research ideas into market