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Immucor Acquires Sentilus for Microarray-Based Diagnostics Technology

Inc., a global leader in transfusion and transplantation diagnostics, has
acquired Sentilus,
Inc., a company focused on developing a novel, inkjet-printed antibody
microarray-based technology called Femtoarrays™.

Sentilus was
launched in 2012 by Research Triangle MRSEC investigator Ashutosh Chilkoti and
CEO Angus Hucknall. Sentilus
focuses on the use of a “nonfouling”
polymer brush technology developed in the Chilkoti Group for detection of proteins that
radically departs from conventional technology.  This polymer coating eliminates
non-specific binding and thereby maximizes the sensitivity of diagnostic tests.
By doing so, it allows clinicians to “see” proteins from blood, serum, urine,
or saliva at levels previously too small to observe by standard

are very impressed with Sentilus' Femtoarrays
technology, which we think will be a great fit with our transfusion business as
a potential next generation technology platform," stated William A.
Hawkins, Immucor's
President and Chief Executive Officer. "Femtoarrays will underpin a full complement of next
generation immunohematology assays. Additionally, we believe the technology has
the potential for broad application throughout in vitro diagnostics."