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Hierarchical Assembly of Structurally Oriented Metal-Organic Frameworks as Novel Ionic Conductors

Liquefied gas electrolytes enable low temperature operation due to their low freezing point. However, their high vapor pressure poses a safety concern. Can confinement of these gas electrolytes in a nanoscale material enhance electrochemical performance while minimizing the hazards?

  • Constructing hierarchical assemblies of microporous metal-organic framework (MOF)-polymer membranes following a “brick and mortar” approach.
  • Performing computational modeling of microcapillary condensation of gas electrolytes in the strong confinement regime of sub-nanometer pores.
  • Materials show uptake of hydrofluorocarbon gas molecules at pressures substantially lower than the bulk counterpart.
  • Unique ionic properties of the material enable significantly higher energy density at -40 °C compared with conventional electrolytes.