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Program Highlights for year 2013

Directed bonding colloidal assemblies

•The ability to design and assemble three-dimensional structures from colloidal particles, such as open structures for photonic band gap applications, is limited by the absence of specific directional bonds.

Finding a glass needle in a haystack

Metals that are glasses and can be formed like plastics are called bulk metallic glasses (BMG). But not all metals can be glasses and one has to sort through a large number of chemical compositions to find a good BMG. a trial and error processes could take up to a day to decide if a single composition can be molded.

Engineering the Electronic Structure of Crystalline Oxide Layers

One avenue to creating new materials with useful electronic properties is to take existing materials and modify their structure at the level of the bonds between the constituent atoms: this is feasible because the distribution of electrons around an atom is sensitive to subtle atomic-scale distortion of its bonds.

A New Mechanism for Flagella-Like Beating

The planar dynamics of a semi-flexible filament anchored at one end and comprised of connected, self-propelled, spheres were predicted using Brownian dynamics simulations and continuum elastic theory theory. For certain parameter ranges the filament undergoes periodic motion. With a

Preparing Future Scientists at Multiple Levels

Bridge Program for Physics Graduate Students OSU, CEM and the OSU Department of Physics have established and funded a M.S.‐to‐Ph.D. Bridge Program at OSU; OSU is one of the first sites funded by the American Physical Society Bridge Program. The program seeks to enhance the diversity of qualified applicants to physics Ph.D. programs at OSU and at other

Correlated microscopy for geochemical, environmental and bio/nanomaterials

Anil Virkar, Ajay Nahata & Brian Saam

Leveraged new (non-MRSEC) funding $240k: Arion mill, laser marker, FIB dep materials, S/W.

Scientific Computing & Imaging integration of diverse imaging data sets.