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Program Highlights

Ordering Nanoscale Dots with Molecular Honeycombs

Designable Porous Organic Networks Represent A New Strategy for Nanoparticle Assembly

Launching Student Interest in Science

Scientists design experiments to increase excitement K-12 science education

Precise Stitching, Not Patch Size, Determines the Quality of Atomic Quilts

Intergrain stitching determines electrical conductance across graphene grain boundaries

The outstanding electronic and mechanical properties of single-atom-thick layers of carbon, so-called “graphene” films, make

Controlling and Imaging Electron Motions in Atomic-Scale Sandwiches

A new instrument allows the first imaging of the movement of electrons in artificial materials

A Better Type of Computer Memory Demonstrated

Newly discovered “giant” spin Hall effect enables simple and efficient magnetic memory

Visualizing the intricate electron pairing in iron-based superconductors

Correlated motion provides new clues to the magnetic origin of high-temperature superconductivity

Superconducting wires conduct electricity perfectly — without any energy losses — because

Patterned Graphene "Scrap" Grows into Continuous "Patchwork Quilt"


New technique produces heterojunctions in single-atom-thick graphene

Interacting electron ripples provide clues to superconductivity


Interacting electron ripples provide clues to superconductivity A theoretical prediction is confirmed by atomic-scale microscopy