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Thermal Stability of Amorphous Zn-In-Sn-O Films Diana

Diana E. Proffit1, Thomas Philippe1, Jonathan D. Emery1, Qing Ma2, D. Bruce Buchholz1, Peter W. Voorhees1, Michael J. Bedzyk1, Robert P.H. Chang1, Thomas O. Mason1

1Northwestern University Materials Research Science & Engineering Center
2DND-CAT, Northwestern Synchrotron Research Center at Advanced Photon

The crystallization process of amorphous
ZITO thin films was studied using x-ray
diffraction. The resulting intensity peaks
can be fit to a classical Johnson-Mehl-
Avrami-Kolmorgrov relation for the
volume fraction of crystal as a function of
time, modified for the constant heating
rate of the experiments. The good fit
yields a higher activation energy than
other amorphous semiconductors and
implies that ZITO may be a good
replacement for indium tin oxide in
applications where the stability of the
amorphous phase is important.

Integrated intensity of the amorphous peak as
a function of temperature under a constant
heating rate of 0.5 C/min. The solid line is the
fit to the theory.