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Synthesis of a Family of 2D Coordination Polymers using Hexaaminobenzene as the Building Block

Since the discovery of  Graphene, there has been a significant interest in the search of new 2D materials which would show similar interesting properties such as electrical and thermal conductivity, superconductivity, topological gap, etc. In this regard, a ‘bottom-up’ synthesis or a synthesis which involves generating the polymer from its constituents, is of particular interest since it could give access to a library of 2D materials.

In this work, we have used a ‘bottom-up’ interfacial synthetic strategy to develop a family of hexaaminobenzene based 2D materials using several different metal ion linkers.

The materials were characterized using various surface analysis techniques and was found not only to be ultrathin (ca. 10nm)   and crystalline abut also posses a smooth and flat topography. Conductivity studies also revealed that the materials were weakly conducting in nature.