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Soft Matter Science revealed through Cooking

Acclaimed chef Jose Andres visited the
Harvard MRSEC to collaborate with Center researchers and speak to students in
the ES139. Innovations in
Science and Engineering
class; the laboratory and classroom
discussions were filmed for a feature on 60
through a special agreement with the
University. Andres and his mentor, Ferran Adrià, a
pioneer in molecular gastronomy from Barcelona, Spain, have been working with Dave Weitz and Michael Brenner on a new
course Science and Cooking: From Haute Cuisine to the Science of
Soft Matter
that will be part of the new program
in General Education at Harvard College in 2010. Twelve world-class chefs and
food experts, noted for both their culinary and communication abilities, will
also participate in the course along with Center faculty. “Cooking provides an
ideal framework to study a variety of complex phenomena–from basic chemistry to
materials science to applied physics–through something familiar to everyone:
food,” says Weitz.

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