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Seed Project: The Dynamics of Organic Magneto-resistance (OMAR)

Objective: To study the dynamics of magneto-resistance in organic diodes

Approach: Measure electronic transport and magneto-transport of organic diodes as a function of frequency with an applied magnetic field using admittance spectroscopy

Preliminary Results & Significance:
The magneto-conductance (inverse of resistance) of a conducting polymer-based diode was measured as a function of frequency and bias voltage. The observed properties show that the relevant underlying processes occur on a timescale of ~100 ns.

Fig. 1: The frequency response of magneto-conductance, ΔG/G, of an organic conducting polymer-based bipolar diode measured at room temperature and with an applied magnetic field. The inset shows the magneto-conductance at f=1 Hz as a function of the bias voltage.