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Preparing Future Scientists at Multiple Levels

Bridge Program for Physics Graduate Students
OSU, CEM and the OSU Department of Physics have established
and funded a M.S.‐to‐Ph.D. Bridge Program at OSU; OSU is one of
the first sites funded by the American Physical Society Bridge
Program. The program seeks to enhance the diversity of qualified
applicants to physics Ph.D. programs at OSU and at other
universities. The first cohort of students for this 2‐year transitional
M.S. program will begin in June 2013.

Materials Science in High School Classrooms

Researchers from The Ohio State University’s Center for Emergent
Materials were awarded a Math Science Partnership grant from
the Ohio Department of Education to expose students to physical
science concepts in high school classrooms through a materials
science course. The program included a 40‐hour ASM Materials
Camp for Teachers held in summer 2012, and professional
development events held throughout academic year 2012‐2013.
Significant improvement was seen in scores on materials science
content tests administered before and after the workshops. This
project brought together collaborators from the CEM, the OSU
College of Engineering, the Ohio Resource Center, Springfield City
Schools and Columbus City Schools.
Heckler, Pelz, Hammel, McCombs, Ohio State U

Master teacher Nydam demostrates lemon battery experiment

Master teacher Nydam working with teachers
on the lemon battery experiment at the
materials camp during summer 2012.