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NYU-MRSEC & BioBus Collaboration

NYU-MRSEC investigators have worked alongside BioBus scientists to develop new K-12 materials science-related curricula since 2009. This collaboration brought exciting and educational engineering projects to over 1,000 NYC students in 2019-2020.

“Food science”, a food-based materials science curriculum developed in collaboration with MRSEC investigators in 2017 is now a lesson offered aboard the BioBus mobile labs. BioBus also expanded this lesson into a 5-sessions hands-on exploration  of the physics, chemistry and biology of food. Impact: 713 K-12 participants (6th-8th, 12th)

NYU-MRSEC opened its doors to BioBus Middle School Summer Camp in August 2019.  Students conducted  experiments on electrochemistry, crystallization and holographic technology alongside MRSEC researchers. Impact: 12 K-12 participants (6th-8th)

The Center continues supporting the Do-It-Yourself Microscope Project to provide a platform in which students learn to build working microscopes from modular parts and use them to perform experiments on various systems. Impact: 534 K-12 participants (5th-9th)