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Multi-Assays of Cellular Kinase Activities

irg4nugget.jpg Working collaboratively, research groups at the Chicago MRSEC have developed new label-free analytical systems that utilize ultra-small sample sizes of cellular lysate, yet allow these single samples to be assayed for multiple kinase activities. The systems involve the integration of solid-phase biochip peptide arrays, mass spectrometric detection, and microfluidic networks. [1] We expect this strategy to aid drug discovery, diagnostics, and other basic research which rely substantially on enzyme assays.

[1] Combining Microfluidic Networks and Peptide Arrays for Multi-Enzyme Assays, J. Su, M. R. Bringer, R. Ismagilov, and M. Mrksich, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 127, 7289-7281, 2005.