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Middle School Summer Program: Girard College and Pennsylvania School for the Deaf

Since 2011, 7th grade students from Girard College have spent one week on campus at the LRSM. Girard College is a Philadelphia boarding school for economically disadvantaged students from single-parent households. In 2018, students from The Pennsylvania School for the Deaf (PSD) joined the camp. All students participate in lab experiments, materials science lessons, and visits to various Penn facilities. 19 students participated in the program whose primary purpose is to introduce URG students to STEM at an early age: 9 from Girard College & 10 students from PSD. The new combination provided a truly unique experience.

“It was awesome because I got to learn [both] sign language and … more about physics.”
–Girard College Student

“It was awesome, because I liked to learn new things like drones, engineers... and social[izing] with [the] hearing school.” 
-PSD Student

Students and staff from Girard College and Pennsylvania School for the Deaf pose in front of the LRSM building.