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Mentoring a Young Scientist

Career development through post-baccalaureate opportunities

Two former Harvard MRSEC-supported postdoctoral
fellows, Jim Wilking and Connie Chang, both became faculty members at Montana
State University in their Department of Chemical Engineering. They helped identify
a promising student, Jordan Kennedy, who was successfully recruited to the
MRSEC summer internship program. The Center subsequently hired her as a
rheology technician for the past year, and continued to support and mentor her development
as a scientist. While at Harvard, Jordan has also worked with Dr. Beth Chen in Brenner’s group to learn her native Blackfeet
language. This year, Jordan was accepted to several graduate schools, and
decided to attend Harvard. In addition, she has already received the GEM and
Ford Foundation Fellowships. Jordan’s experience shows how the MRSEC creates an
inclusive community.