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Magnetic Properties of Periodically Organized Cobalt Frameworks

Discovery: Magnetic
properties of cobalt films can be optimized through nanoscale
structuring and thermal annealing.

& Results:
Periodically organized cobalt structures were fabricated by self-assembly and
electrochemical deposition. Magnetic properties of these structures were
revealed by magneto-optical Kerr effect studies and a magnetic pinning-site


This nanoscale fabrication approach is the
first step towards 3D magnonic
crystals, a new type of magnetic metamaterial with potential to control
spin-wave propagation and spin density of states.

Cobalt nanostructure Scanning
electron micrograph of a ferromagnetic, ordered cobalt nanostructure.

Magnetic hysteresis  Magnetic
hysteresis of nanostructured cobalt without heat treatment (a),
at 350 ºC (b), 440 ºC (c), and 500  ºC (d).