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LRSM Science Cafés


Larry Hough, Rhodia Inc.The LRSM Science
Café’s inform the general public about materials-related scientific topics and
their impact. They are arranged to take place in a convivial, bar/restaurant
setting where people can congregate, have dinner or refreshments before a talk
by an expert, and then have time to discuss the topic either during or after
the talk. We host two Cafés every month during the school year; one in
Wilmington, DE and one in Philadelphia, PA. Recent topics have included fuel
cells, energy storage, carbon nanotube technology, solar energy, and liquid crystals displays (see
2012-13 flyer and photograph of talk at the World Café Live,
Philadelphia).  Most speakers have come from Penn. Attendance averages
40-50 people who come from all walks of life. To date, almost 40 Cafés have
been held.

pictured: Larry
Hough, Rhodia Inc. “Future
Water Shortages: Resolution through Science and Technology”

LRSM Science Cafés 2012/2013


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