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Latin School for Boys Visits PCCM

On March 13, 2013, students from Philadelphia's Latin School
visited the Princeton Center for Complex Materials. The 9th and 10th graders
came to PCCM from the largely African American all boys charter school in
Philadelphia. Their teacher, Christine Galib, a Princeton University alum, has
been teaching her students about nanotechnology. She saw a talk by PCCM's
Professor Michael McAlpine and wanted to inspire her students about nanomaterials. The students toured the Imaging and
Analysis Center and the Micro- Nano-Fabrication Lab. The students also walked
through the Art of Science exhibit, still wearing their MNFL cleanroom
"bunny suits,“, a
tour of our “Art of Science” gallery and then
to the Princeton Public Library. NISENet trained Library staff and outreach director Steinberg guided them in activities and our NSF funded NISEnet Nano! Exhibit.

Latin School students at Nano! Mini-Exhibit

Latin School students with new addition to uniform

Latin School students in cleanroom