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Heteroanionic Fluoride Doping in Indium Oxide Semiconductors

Metal-oxide semiconductors offer broad advantages, particularly in solution-based fabrication using inexpensive and air-stable inorganic salt precursors. However, realization of the full potential of metal-oxide semiconductors requires the development of precise chemical doping strategies. In a 5 PI collaboration within NU-MRSEC IRG-2, the effects of heteroanionic fluoride doping in both amorphous and crystalline indium oxide have been elucidated via experimental and theoretical analyses. The findings show that while fluoride doping in crystalline indium oxide increases the band gap, the opposite trend occurs in the amorphous phase. This work represents the first study to establish fluoride as a universal amorphizing agent in theĀ  indium oxide system, and by inference, may play a similar role in related oxide semiconductor materials.

Chemistry of Materials, in press, 2022.