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Forensic Science As A Springboard - OU RET's Take Modules on the Road to Metrotech High School

"CSI is a hot topic, and that makes it fascinating to kids. But it's also applied science, and it's a powerful way to get kids involved in the scientific process: carefully documenting observations and analyzing results." Merle Hunsaker, RET and science teacher.
During the summers of 2005-2007, C-SPIN is helping support the development of "CSI In The Classroom", a comprehensive set of high school resources in fingerprint analysis, serology, microscopy, trace analysis, collisions, and document examination. Our modules went on their first road show in June, 2006 - a summer camp for under-
represented minorities at Metrotech High School in Oklahoma City. The results? Our RET's report that student engagement was 100% and students remained focused on task for surprisingly long periods of time. The participants told us in post-evaluation that they never realized documentation and data analysis could be fun

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RET Merle Hunsaker demonstrates proper fingerprint lifting technique as KOCO-TV journalist shoots video for the local evening news.