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Experimenta con PREM

MRSEC student explaining the details of a hands-on experiment in the labExperimenta con PREM is a two-week hands-on research program for high school students run annually at the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) Humacao & Cayey campuses. It remains a core program for the UPR-Penn PREM program with a history of attracting talented and motivated high school students to materials research; since its inception in 2005, 100% of students have graduated from high school and 78% pursue STEM after.

This year, 38 students (29 women, 100% URM) participated in the program from June 6-16 (2023). Penn graduate students Adriana Santiago-Ruiz (pictured in the photo - former Experimenta con PREM program participant and MRSEC REU student), and Karen Acosta, traveled to Puerto Rico to conduct workshops on Exploring Evolving Nanotechnologies.

Image Caption: MRSEC graduate student Adriana Santiago-Ruiz explaining the details of a hands-on experiment done during an "Exploring Evolving Nanotechnologies" workshop at Experimenta con PREM.