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Charge transport in arrays of multicomponent nanostructures

bifunctional nanoparticlesResearchers, Dmitri Talapin and collaborators, at the University of Chicago MRSEC have been studying electronic properties of new nanoscale materials consisting of both magnetic and semiconducting components (FePt and PbS).Â’  These components are integrated into individual nanostructures forming multicomponent quantum-confined objects.Â’  The core-shell morphology maximizes the interaction between the components and provides a convenient platform for studying interactions between the materials at the nanoscale.Â’  The team of scientists fabricated field-effect transistors based on these newly synthesized nanostructures and observed novel charge-transfer and doping phenomena characteristic of semiconductor functionality combined with the magnetic behavior of the metallic constituent.Â’  This work was made possible through the NSF MRSEC program, DMR-0213745.