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BrownOut: Engineering Educational Outreach

Classroom Visits Program
J. Blume, Division of Engineering

Brown undergraduates and faculty visit local science/math classes or youth programs to present engineering topics to students in Grades K-12. Presentations are developed by students and faculty based on current research or topics covered in the Brown
Student groups, such as the National Society of Black Engineers Student Chapter, Engineers without Borders, and th FSAE Care Team participate.

Example Presentations

  •   Engineers Without Borders
  •   Formula One Car Design
  •   Compression & Tension
  •  Aquatic Biology
  •   Astronomy
  •  The Physics of Flight
  •   Game Theory
  •   Science of Magic
  •  Energy and Entropy
  •  Slinkies to Star Wars: Light as a Wave
  •  Freezing Point Depression/Ice Cream