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Annual Middle School Student Science Conference (SSC)



May 2009 marked the University of Maryland MRSEC’s 12th Annual Middle School Student Science Conference, co-hosted by the American Institute of Physics.

    Graduate student mentors middle school participant
    Graduate student mentors middle school participant
    Graduate student mentors middle school participant
  • Raising the Quality of Science Education
    The MRSEC provided students with the exciting and challenging opportunity to take their research to the next level by following a specific framework and rubric to improve the content of their research projects.
  • Building an Understanding for Research and Researchers
    Through one-on-one mentoring, MRSEC researchers model best practices in carrying out research and guide students by sharing their expertise and experiences.
  • Creating a Science Community
    Students reported that the SSC is a transformative experience for them on many levels, including being part of a group of peers and role models excited about science.
  • Increasing Student Interest in STEM in High School
    UMD MRSEC is particularly proud of the number of students taking physics in high school who had not planned to do so before the SSC.
  • Meeting Diversity Goals
    MRSEC helped to inspire underrepresented students in STEM to participate in SSC through focused recruiting and mentoring.
  • Student Testimony
    “My mentor helped me see my science project in a whole new way. I learned so much about doing really good research and physics that I can use in my future.”
  • Parent Testimony
    “Terrific experience for my son. As the kid of two decidedly non-scientific minds, he delights in being among those who share his love of science. Thank you for giving him this opportunity and this experience. Staff and mentors have been wonderful on a professional and personal basis. 3 cheers to you and this program!”