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Brandeis Science Posse

Each year ten high school seniors interested in pursuing science majors are selected from New York City schools to attend Brandeis as a cohort.Once selected in December, the students meet once per week in a series of pre-collegiate training exercises focusing on science, math, and language activities to prepare them for the upcoming academic year.  The Science Posse students then attend a two week intensive boot-camp in mid-July that simulates the work-load, course material, and expectations of their upcoming science classes to provide a realistic view of the day-to-day challenges of being an undergraduate science major.  Throughout pre-collegiate training, Brandeis MRSEC staff members work closely with our Science Posse students designing hands-on laboratory exercises and tutorials in basic sciences.  We further provide opportunities for these students to participate in laboratory research projects once they arrive on campus.By mentoring Science Posse scholars as they embark on their academic careers both in and out of the lab, we hope to instill in them a passion to pursue careers in the STEM disciplines.

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