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Center for Materials Innovations at Michigan

This Center for Materials Innovations at Michigan will establish a transformative campus-wide ecosystem to accelerate the design, discovery, and deployment of novel materials critical for the Industries of Tomorrow, including advanced manufacturing, clean energy/sustainability, artificial intelligence, and future semiconductors. Embedded in the ecosystem is a long-term partnership between UM researchers and collaborators from industry, academia, and national laboratories. Building upon the principles of the Materials Genome Initiative, the interdisciplinary research groups combine computational, statistical, theoretical, and experimental approaches to examine processing-structure-property relationships in novel semiconductor heterostructures for advanced quantum information processing and reconfigurable polymers that are environmentally sustainable. The Center structure emphasizes the integration of research and education, with an emphasis on attracting/retaining the next generation of materials researchers: a diverse body of researchers reflecting society at large. To build and maintain the campus-wide ecosystem, the Center will work to engage all materials researchers through a suite of activities aimed at broadening participation and enhancing knowledge transfer. The Center is positioned to respond to emerging opportunities through its Seed projects.

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