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UC San Diego Materials Characterization Facility

The MRSEC-MCF is a user and service facility associated with the NSF-funded UC San Diego Materials Research Science and Engineering Center, dedicated to materials characterization, assays, and sample processing.

Access to the equipment in the facility runs under three modalities:

(1) samples can be submitted for analysis by the facility staff (Consultation-non-training fee is applied in addition to instrument usage fee)

(2) user trainees can run samples under the guidance of facility staff (Consultation-Training fee is applied in addition to instrument usage fee)

(3) trained users can sign up for the instrument and run their own samples (instrument usage fee only).

For modality (1), samples from third parties are received and returned under a material transfer agreement (contact the Facility Manager). For modality (3), all users must first be trained and checked out on an instrument by the facility staff (modality 2). Thus there is an additional charge if a staff member is involved in either running of samples or training of a user. Alternatively, the UC San Diego MRSEC RIMSE program held each summer provides an immersive introduction and training on most of the available instrumentation in this facility. Additional facilities in support of materials fabrication and characterization (and nanotechnology in particular) are available in UCSD's San Diego Nanotechnology Infrastructure (SDNI).