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Mechanisms, Materials, and Devices for Spin Manipulation

IRG Senior Participants:
Katja Nowack (Phys, co-leader), Dan Ralph (Phys, co-leader), Robert Buhrman (Appl Phys), Craig Fennie (Appl Phys),  Greg Fuchs (ApplPhys), Eun-Ah Kim (Phys), Kin Fai Mak (Phys), David Muller (ApplPhys), Farhan Rana (ElecE), Jie Shan (Appl Phys). 

Collaborators: Tomas Arias (Cornell), Sol Gruner (Cornell), Darrell Schlom (Cornell). Industrial Collaborators: Qualcomm, Samsung, Western Digital

The goal of our research is to discover, understand, and apply new mechanisms for controlling spins in magnetic devices. This field is important both because it is an area of rapid progress in fundamental materials physics (e.g., Berry phases, topological materials, and other effects of spin-orbit coupling) and because improved spin control can often be applied quickly for technology. We aim to provide the scientific foundations for energy-efficient nonvolatile memories with revolutionary capabilities and also frequency-agile nanoscale microwave oscillators extendable to THz frequencies.