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Development of Ultra-Coherent Quantum Materials (IRG 3)

The past decade has seen explosive growth in the area of quantum information science and related quantum enabled technologies.   The IRG-3 team is focused on developing ultra-coherent quantum materials, in particular group IV materials such as Si, Ge, SiC, and diamond. Members of the team recently demonstrated that isotopically enriched silicon samples can support electron spin coherence times at least as long as 10 seconds, orders of magnitude longer than other solid state systems. Such isotopic enrichment is not possible in III-V materials, as no spin-0 nuclear isotopes exist for any III-V element. Moreover, work by team members has also shown that single electrons can be routinely isolated in Si devices, paving the way for studies of quantum coherence at the single spin level. The team includes experts on the growth and characterization of these materials, device design and measurement, and superconducting devices which can couple to the electron spins.

S. A. Lyon, co-leader (EE)
A. A. Houck, co-leader (EE)

Senior Investigators
Nathalie de Leon (EE)
J. C. Sturm (EE)
J. M. Taylor (Physics, Joint Quantum Institute/U. Maryland)
Jeff Thompson (EE)
J. M. Chow (IBM Watson Research Center)
Chris Dries (United Silicon Carbide)
M. F. Gyure (HRL Laboratories)
C.-W. Liu (National Taiwan University)
B. Lovett (Heriot-Watt University)
J. Morton (University College London)
J. Pomeroy (NIST)
T. Schenkel (LBNL)
C. Tahan (Laboratory for Physical Sciences)
M. Thewalt (Simon Fraser)
Guido Burkard (Konstanz University)
Marcelo Maialle (University of Campinas)

IRG-3 publications
IRG-3 highlights