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Creation and Control of Metal/Magnetic-Insulator Interfaces

IRG-1 focuses on magnetic interactions at interfaces between metals and magnets. This team creates novel materials and systems that enable control of atoms at the interface between metals and magnets, determines the structure of the interface using high resolution microscopy, and investigates magnetic configurations and excitations using a variety of transport, magnetic and fast optical probes. Theoretical studies guide scientific directions and choice of materials and provide insight into experimental results. The team’s goal is to utilize magnetic structures founded on insulating magnets as platforms for realizing innovative means of controlling static and dynamic behavior of spins.  

IRG-1 Faculty:

Jinwoo Hwang, Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering  (Co-Leader)
Fengyuan Yang, Professor of Physics (Co-Leader)
L. Robert Baker, Associate Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Maryam Ghazisaeidi, Associate Professor of Materials Science Engineering
P. Chris Hammel, Professor of Physics
Jyoti Katoch, Assistant Professor of Physics at Carnegie Mellon University
Roland Kawakami, Professor of Physics
Alexandra S. Landsman, Associate Professor of Physics
Mohit Randeria, Professor of Physics
Patrick M. Woodward, Professor of Chemistry