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Materials Research Science and Engineering Center at UCSB

The NSF Materials Research Science and Engineering Center at UC Santa Barbara develops and sustains a productive, collaborative, and engaged community that drives a portfolio of transformative materials research and empowers a diverse workforce. The research team addresses fundamental materials challenges at the interface of chemistry, biology, and engineering with applications in advanced manufacturing, and clean and sustainable energy. The research advances materials synthesis, characterization, measurements, and modeling. A focus on fundamental understanding has sustained impact, for example, through the development of new methods and tools. In addition, given the central role of data-driven discovery, a Data Expert Group has been created whose members have core research expertise in developing artificial intelligence and machine learning and collaborate with all participants. Shared research facilities promote effective collaboration at all levels, catalyze interactions with industry, and nurture start-ups. The vision of a thriving and engaged community at UC Santa Barbara community helps cultivate a diverse range of participants through a comprehensive portfolio of research, education, and outreach activities. A range of education and outreach activities introduce materials science to schoolchildren and the public, support teachers to develop science curricula, provide undergraduates with high-quality research experiences, and encourage graduate students and other researchers to engage and interact with the public.


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