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NSF Hosts First-Ever MRSEC Science Slam

The Division of Materials Science and the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center Program are proud to present the first-ever MRSEC Science Slam. With participants from all 19 MRSECs, the Science Slam will feature five-minute long slams on a research highlight or unique broader impact accomplishment. Creativity is key! Non-NSF audience will vote for the winner. To join, register here

Co-chaired by: Paul Voyles (Wisconsin), Nadya Mason (UIUC)

MRSEC Slams! - each 5 Minutes + 5 Minutes of Q&A

Time Title Presented By ...
10:30-10:50 EST DMR/NSF/MRSEC Welcome Dr. Linda Sapochak
Dr. Sean Liam Jones
MRSEC PDs: Miriam Deutsch, Cosima Boswell-Koller, & Shadi Mamaghani
10:50-11:00 EST Delaware MRSEC Slam: "CHARMing Materials" Matthew Langenstein, Weipeng Wu, Joseph Avenoso
11:00-11:10 EST Columbia-CCNY MRSEC Slam: "2D Materials from Superatoms" Amymarie Bartholomew, Wendy He, Elena Meirzadeh, Alex Aydt
11:10-11:20 EST Illinois MRSEC Slam: "Graphene: The Most Flexible Electronic Material in the World" Edmund Han
11:20-11:30 EST Penn State MRSEC Slam: "Atom Dance" Vin Crespi, Ellie Crespi
11:30-11:40 EST Wisconsin MRSEC Slam: "Topological Insulators and the Marvel Cinematic Universe" Randall Goldsmith
11:40-11:50 EST Washington MRSEC Slam: "Diamonds, Lightsabers, and Levitation" Chaman Gupta
11:50-12:00 EST UPenn MRSEC Slam: "Learning Networks on the Radio" Sam Dillavou
12:00-12:30 EST Break  
12:30-12:40 EST UCSB MRSEC Slam: "From Slow to Fast: As Data Drives Us On" Piper Cooke, Eve Mozur, Ram Seshadri
12:40-12:50 EST Northwestern MRSEC Slam: "A Cerebral Challenge - The Case for Brainy Electronics" Stephanie Liu, Matthew Bland
12:50-13:00 EST Harvard MRSEC Slam: "Shake, Charge, and Nucleate!" Sarah Battat
13:00-13:10 EST UT Austin MRSEC Slam: "Gels in Disguise" Stephanie Valenzuela
13:10-13:20 EST Cornell MRSEC Slam: "The World Wide (Quantum) Web" Arjan Singh
13:20-13:30 EST Princeton MRSEC Slam: "Quantum Materials" Graciela Villalpando, Robert Kirby
13:30-13:40 EST Break  
13:40-13:50 EST Brandeis MRSEC Slam: "A Day at Brandeis" Robert Keane
13:50-14:00 EST Chicago MRSEC Slam: "How to Train Your
Savannah Gowen
14:00-14:10 EST Minnesota MRSEC Slam: "Getting out of a Sticky Situation: What the Hydrogen Economy Can Learn from the Chocolate Industry" Tristan Truttmann
14:10-14:20 EST UC Irvine MRSEC Slam: "Shapeshifting Bio- Legos" Adam Grosvirt-Dramen
14:20-14:30 EST UCSD MRSEC Slam: "Engineered Living Materials (ELMs): Stimuli Responsive Biosynthetic Materials" Debika Datta
14:30-14:40 EST Ohio State MRSEC Slam: "Ferron, A Heat- Carrying Quasiparticle, Can Help Climate Change Crisis!" Brandi Wooten
14:40-14:45 EST Voting  
14:45-15:00 EST Closing Remarks MRSEC PDs: Miriam Deutsch, Cosima Boswell-Koller, & Shadi Mamaghani
15:00 EST Adjourn