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DMR Seeks Program Director for Condensed Matter Physics Program

Division: Materials Research (MPS/DMR)
Directorate: Mathematical and Physical Sciences (MPS)
Job Type:  STEM
Appointment Type:  Temporary / Rotator

Position Summary

The Division of Materials Research (DMR) announces a nationwide search for a senior-level researcher to serve as Program Director in the Condensed Matter Physics Program (CMP).  Applicants must be familiar with a broad spectrum of the materials research community, as well as with the issues being addressed in the field. Applicants with accomplishments in the integration of research and education and with multidisciplinary experience and interests are desired. Highest priority will be given to applicants with expertise in soft condensed-matter physics.

Position Description

Condensed Matter Physics (CMP)  -  The position requires an individual with broad knowledge and demonstrated experience in experimental condensed matter physics. The research areas supported by the CMP program span the breadth of experimental hard and soft condensed-matter physics. Examples of questions of current interest that span these research areas include: How and why do complex macroscopic phenomena emerge from simple interacting microscopic constituents? What new physics occurs far from equilibrium and why? What is the physics of spin systems and quantum states of matter that could lead to their coherent manipulation and control?

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