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The Utah Nanofab encompasses a class 100/1000/10,000 cleanroom, packaging, and test areas. Commissioned in 2012, the new 18,000 square foot facility provides the specialized custom-built infrastructure, equipment, processes, and expertise necessary for researchers and companies to design, build, and package prototype micro- and nano-scale devices including microfluidic devices. Capabilities include device modeling, design layout, mask fabrication, thin film deposition, patterning, and device packaging including laser microwelding.

The facility and staff serves researchers and companies from the campus and beyond, including faculty and researchers from regional institutions as well as companies who use the facilities to generate proof-of-concept and data supporting new product ideas.

Visionary ideas and inspired creativity have helped the Utah Nanofab become a world leader in the fabrication of neural prosthetics, biomedical microfluidic systems and biosensor chips. The discoveries made in the Nanofab help create life-saving medical devices, faster microchips, and more efficient energy systems, resulting in many scientific publications and new companies. Visit our history page to learn that our roots go all the way back to the fundamental patent on CMOS microelectronic devices.