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Scanning Electron Microscopy/Scanning Tunneling Microscopy/Atomic Force Microscopy Facility (UHV-SEM/STM/AFM)

This ultrahigh vacuum facility consists of a scanning electron microscope, atomic force microscope, and scanning tunneling microscope combined in one state-of-the-art instrument (JEOL JSPM-4500A). This instrument allows for multi-scale microscopy at variable temperatures and proximal probe measurements of devices, growth structures and attendant fields. Control electronics are suitable for MFM/EFM measurements and provide scanning Kelvin probe force microscopy (SKPM) at sub-nanometer spatial resolution. Sample fabrication capabilities - ion gun, single and multimode effusion cells with collimation and spot positioning for in-situ deposition on the SPM stage - extend the scope of experiments. This facility is operated cooperatively with the Department of Physics.


The facility has no instruments.