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Nanoscale Imaging, Spectroscopy and Properties (NISP) Lab

The Nanoscale Imaging, Spectroscopy and Properties (NISP) Lab is relatively new but already contains some excellent equipment that is available to everyone in the University and to government and industry. It is connected to MRSEC via funding and/or other collaborative effort. NISPLab is dedicated to the characterization of the structure and composition of a broad spectrum of hard and soft materials and biological systems with nanometer resolution. These capabilities are used for research, and the teaching and training of students. The research performed in the laboratory is focused on the characterization of materials and structures in the areas of biomaterials, multifunctional and smart materials, nanostructured materials, nanodevices and geological materials. Equipment includes a JEM 2100 LaB6 transmission electron microscope (TEM) coupled with fiber optic, video-rate imaging, allowing observation of devices and conditions both in situ and in real time; a Hitachi SU-70 field emission scanning electron microscope (FE-SEM) equipped with an energy-dispersive x-ray spectrometer (EDS) used for elemental mapping; a JEOL 2100F atomic-resolution field emission transmission electron microscope (FE-TEM); and a JEOL JXA-89 electron microprobe equipped with a wavelength-dispersive x-ray spectrometer (WDS), used primarily in materials and geology research.


The facility has no instruments.